minor cosmopolitan: Thinking Art, Politics and the Universe Together Otherwise

In the wake of rapid globalization, many enthusiastically declared cosmopolitanism to be no longer just a philosophical ideal, but a real, existing fact. Across the world, they argued, people were increasingly considering themselves global citizens. Meanwhile, the global ecological crisis worsened, fascism returned, repression of disenfranchised groups on a global scale persisted, and the “refugee crisis” inundated the mediascape. What happened to the cosmopolitan promise, and who betrayed it? minor cosmopolitan challenges the underlying premises of major cosmopolitanism without letting go of the unfulfilled emancipatory potential of the concept at large. It rethinks cosmopolitanisms in the plural, and it traces multiple origins and trajectories of cosmopolitan thought across the globe. Assembling theoretical, artistic, and essayistic contributions in textual or visual formats, minor cosmopolitan seeks to discuss how to live at once with our difference and shared struggle and asks who sustains the world’s flourishing.

2020 published by Diaphanes


photo by Marina Cargamo

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Queer Ancient Ways

A Decolonial Exploration

Queer Ancient Ways advocates a profound unlearning of colonial/modern categories as a pathway to the discovery of new forms and theories of queerness in the most ancient of sources. In this unconventional work, Zairong Xiang investigates scholarly receptions of mythological figures in Babylonian and Nahua creation myths, exposing the ways they have consistently been gendered as feminine in a manner that is not supported, and in some cases actively discouraged, by the texts themselves. By contextualizing these figures in their respective mythological, linguistic and cultural environments, through a unique combination of methodologies and critical traditions in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Nahuatl, Xiang departs from the over-reliance of much queer theory on European (post)modern thought. Much more than a queering of the non-Western and non-modern, Queer Ancient Ways thus constitutes a decolonial and transdisciplinary engagement with ancient cosmologies and ways of thought which are in the process themselves revealed as theoretical sources of and for the queer imagination.

2018 published by punctum books