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Origin Stories _ "Queer Ancient Ways"

in ancient ways by way of Montez Press Radio

in ceremonial ways by way of HKW's Ceremony: Burial of an Undead World

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Ann Cotten: What is a subject? It’s quite a difficult term. In French, in German, in English, le sujet, the subject, das Subjekt, bears a certain ambiguity. Subject, on the one hand, originally means

By Zairong Xiang The end of history was the beginning of globalization as we know and continue to live with it, which is rapidly ending. The old is dying and the new is yet to be born.[1] We are li

The recent years have seen the rise of a distinct and powerful critique assembled under the name “decolonial”. One might find it difficult to pin down. Do we call it the suggestive “decolonial crit

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